Blueberries for breakfast

This morning I had Blueberries for Breakfast. I love summer! Of course I needed to draw them.

I will post a nice scan of the finished sketchbook page later.

On my Facebook page I got some questions about the color pencils I use and I thought it would be interesting to share here too:
These are Staedler, 'Ergosoft'. The white rim is the so called 'abs' system - it's supposed to prevent the core to break and it seems to work. The pencils each have their own compartment in their box, so that also helps preventing damage. I bought a small set of 12 on an impulse (didn't need them, just because I am addicted to drawing materials) and I'm happily surprised about how they feel in my hand (triangle shaped) and how great they are to work with.
Price/quality proportion = very good!

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