Inspiration Station - Charlotte Vallance

Today's visitor on the Inspiration Station is Charles Vallance. I found out about her wonderful art through The Sketchbook Project 2012. We both participated, and got introduced by our mutual online friend Rob Jelinski, whose work has been featured here too last March. Anyways, I was in Awe of Charlotte's Sketchbook, which was filled with drawings of buildings, in a very neat and detailed style. Therefore, I will show you a selection of some of her illustrations she made for her ongoing project 'down your sreet'. There is a LOT more where this came from!
For example: In her Etsy shop, she sells screen printed tea towels now too, with her illustrations on them! Doing the dishes will be fun from now on :)




Charlotte has visited my city Amsterdam many times. Unfortunately we haven't met each other yet. But perhaps we will some day! I love recognizing the buildings that are almost literally 'down my street', drawn in her clean, detailed and fresh style:

You can find Charlotte here:

Untapped Cities

More good stuff:
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