Peanuts are so wonderfully yummy! I love the ritual of cracking them open and popping the sweet and fat nuts out into my mouth. It always makes a big mess, with all the crumbly, dusty empty shells.

About 2 weeks ago I drew this peanut, discovering the beautiful pattern of peanut shells:
 I took progress pictures with my phone:

I shared it on Facebook and Instagram and then my online friend Kristin Holt sort of challenged me to do a drawing of a peanut that's cracked open. So last week, I drew one. I didn't take as much time for it as I did for the first one, but the result is just fine! I loved drawing the purple-ish coats around the nuts. It's so interesting to see what you're actually looking at, when you take a close look!
Lately, I've been kind of consumed, almost obsessed, with drawing food. This is because I'm superexcited about the workshop on drawing food, that I will develop and offer as soon as I can (which is not soon enough, I'm dying to start!). I'll keep you posted on my plans.

I would love to hear if you would be interested to do a workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes. What would you expect from it? Please leave me a comment here on my blog, or through Facebook, twitter, instagram or email. I appreciate your opinion!

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