Inspiration Station - Marc Johns

On the Inspiration Station today: Marc Johns. This guy has a genuine and unique sense of humour AND a wonderful drawing style to combine it with. His illustrations are mostly made with a black fineliner, combined with watercolours or highlight markers. He's got a thing for antlers, lightning bolts and post-it notes, and he sure knows his way around with clever and funny comments. Some of his work makes me laugh out loud, even when nobody is around to share it with. Not sharing his work though, would be unfair. So without further ado... here's a selection of the whimsical work of Marc Johns!




You can find Marc Johns here:
Twitter @marcjohns

You may get itchy to get some drawing done now too. 
I certainly am! 
Well, aren't we lucky - the online Drawing Course that I teach, kicked of this week and you can still buy yourself a seat in the class.
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