Inspiration Station - Stephanie Levy

Welcome to the Inspiration Station. I will introduce you to someone special: Stephanie Levy. When I just started blogging, about two and a half years ago, I stumbled upon her blog and her e-course: Creative Courage: an online group course that can help to push you just a bit further into creativity and following dreams, after defining them. I read a few of the interviews she did with creative women from all over the world and I was sold! Did the course and learned so much about the online world, blogging, connecting and growing ideas into goals. The ecourse was packed with information, exercises and inspiring interviews and stories, and the online Creative Courage community (participants from all over the world) still is amazing. I even met some of my classmates in person, and I am definitely going to meet Stephanie and have a coffee with her one day in Berlin, where she lives. Since I did the e-course, so much has happened in my life as an illustrator, artist and teacher, and part of it was ignited there!
Enough about me.
Not only is Stephanie a great motivator, interviewer, storyteller and coach, she makes art too! Here's a selection of her colourful collages. A few of them are from her project '12 cities in 12 months', which is exactly what you think it is: she visited 12 different cities within one year! Where of course she met up with amazing artists, interviewed them and got inspired - and she's paying the inspiration forward.

Find out more about Stephanie right here:
Twitter @stephanielevy

Stephanie now offers a new e-course called 'Wild Courage', it starts September 9, and will be amazing!

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