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Just recently, I discovered I'm one of those 'urban sketchers'.
I really like to sit down somewhere for a while, pull out my sketchbook and draw what's around me. It makes me alert to see textures, shapes, colours and details, but it also allows me to hear sounds more intensely, feel the temperature and breeze, and even smell more than I usually do. 
It seems like, when drawing my surroundings, all my senses open up a bit more.

The view from my window is always the same, but changes constantly

Enjoying a saturday morning outside a neighbourhood coffee place. I drew this over two cappuccino.

This is at Leidseplein, on the left is the American Hotel. I didn't have much time and I wasn't quite happy with the proportions and messed up the details, so I left it at that. Still, when I look at it now, I do sense the late afternoon-feel again, I did capture a certain memory here for myself.

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