New journal

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen the picture I took of my new journal. My mother in law gave it to me, and she made it by herself from scratch. She's an awesome artist, even though she keeps denying this. She paints, draws and makes collages. We have a huge colourful but serene painting of hers, got it beautifully framed, and hung it in the living room. When she saw it, she said surprised: 'You got it framed? Oh this way it actually appears to be something'.
Well anyways. She takes these classes and workshops, like screenprinting, sculpring and etching, and just recently she did a bookbinding class and for my birthday she gave me this gorgeous sketchbook of which she painted the cover beautifully!
After finishing my latest watercolour Moleskine, I started to use the sketchbook. I have to admit that at first I thought although I was in love with the look of the book, I wouldn't so much like working in it. The paper has a different grain than I'm used to, and when using watercolours, it wrinkles up a bit. But it certainly pushes me into a different way of doing my journal entries, which is a very positive effect. After a few pages, I got more into it, and it's filling up quite nicely now! Here's a few pages:

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