Seven Days of simply drawing

Whoot! This is fun! 
Next Sunday, I am starting a mini-challenge for whoever likes to join:

It's a simple plan:
Starting September 8, for seven days, each day take a short break to fill one of the frames in the workbook I've created for you.
You can join for FREE, and download the FREE WORKBOOK by clicking here

This is how it works:

In The Workbook, you will find 7 simple prompts, 1 for each day of the week from Sunday September 8 to Saturday September 14.

It would be great if you'd share your daily creations with me, through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!

Here are the links to my spaces on social media:
Twitter @koosjekoene
I created a board, especially for our Seven Days Workbook pages. If you'd like to be able to pin on the board, send me an email so I can invite you to pin onto the board. (draw[at]koosjekoene[dot]nl)

Download your copy of the FREE workbook  
by clicking here  
and join these Seven Days of creativity and fun!