Suggestions needed for workshop title

My brand new Food Drawing Workshop is open for registration now! 

It'll be starting November 4th and you can now register for only 69 USD.
click here for course information

In this 4-week online group workshop, I will teach about shapes, colours, materials, drawing/collaging, composition, lettering and creative ideas.

All participants will be working towards their final assignment: submitting a recipe to TheyDrawAndCook!
You can use your own favourite recipes, or use choose one from the list I provide.

I'm superexcited to announce that we'll have an exclusive group call with Salli Swindell, who is one of the founders of TheyDrawAndCook, and a brilliant illustrator herself. During our live call, she'll be telling us about the ins and outs of illustrating recipes. Also, a selection of our recipes can be featured on their website, and on top of that, one of the participants will win a TDAC-prize!

Does it get any better? Yes it does!
You will be part of the private Facebook group community, in which all participants will be able to share ideas, works in progress, questions and suggestions. This way we can easily share experiences, compare results and be each other’s coaching team.
Teacher's feedback is guaranteed, making friends online optional and very likely.

There's just one problem

I don't have a title for the workshop yet! 

Can you help?
I would love to see your suggestions for a title for my workshop. Just start brainstorming and dump any ideas here in the comment field below this post,
onto my timeline on my Facebook page, tweet me (@koosjekoene), tag me on Instagram, or shoot me an email. 

The person who comes up with a suggestion that I will actually be using, wins a FREE seat in the workshop! 

Click here to find out more about the workshop and to register

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