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Today's Inspiration Station is filled with lines, curls and patterns. Sharon Hinchliffe is an Australian artist, who works as a freelancer for the commercial embroidery industry. I can only imagine what's going on in her imaginary mind, when I see her colourful work and detailed patterns on het website. She must have a thing for birds, and for the see, as these are two themes she uses a lot. She mixes her media, from painting to drawing to digitizing. I love her colourful work and her whimsical painting style, but am intrigued by her black and white line work.
You'll see what I mean. Here's just a teeny, tiny small collection. When you visit her Flickr photostream, you'll find a dazzling collection of art from her colourful, dreamy, curling world!




You can find Sharon Hinchliffe and her Arlidesign here:

Shop (Big Cartel)
Etsy Shop

I hiope this is as inspiring to you as it is to me. 
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