Inspiration Station - Richard Ewing

I've been following Richard Ewing on his blog Visual Cogitations since I started blogging, about three years ago. I am a big fan of his style and his ongoing 'Coffee Mugs' series. I was curious and asked him about the 'Coffee Mugs', because I was wondering if these caricatures are all based on real people. I wasn't disappointed: they are!
He told me that these drawings are his way to practice his fluidity. No pencils and erasers, just straight pen drawings. He bikes to his favourite coffee shop a few times a week, buys a large coffee and a cookie and then sits down with his sketchpad and a pen. Then he looks for people with interesting mannerisms, appealing body positions and captivating facial features.
I love that. There is truly inspiration to be found everywhere, especially public places!
Because Richard always visits the same coffee place, he has 'regulars' showing up in his Coffee Mugs. I didn't know this until I asked him about it, but I now will sure be looking for those in his posts!

The way he draws famous people as caricatures is just brilliant too.

You can find more of Richard Ewings work here:
Don't you love his work? So full of character!
Wouldn't it be cool to be able to draw characters?
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