Last Saturday, it was Sketchcrawl day. During the global sketchcrawl, groups of sketchers all over the world meet to sketch in public together. Because I was in the South of the Netherlands, I couldn't organize a Sketchcrawl in Amsterdam like I did on the previous sketchcrawl day, but I did go to sunny Maastricht to hook up with about 20 sketchers. We met at the St. Servaes Bridge, which I drew to warm up a bit. In the right corner, I drew in the silhouet of a few fellow sketchers.
While almost the whole group of sketchers was facing and drawing the river Meuse, I was drawn towards this row of houses (facing the other way) somehow: 
Both parents of my parents were from Maastricht. I had no idea though, that when my grandmother was young, she used to live on the top floor of that very building on the left. As you may or may not know, my grandfather used to be an artist painter, and he actually made a painting of the view over the roofs, out of the window.
Of course I knew my grandfather made many paintings of the river Meuse, and of the bridge I drew there, too. After posting a photo of my drawing on my Facebook page, my uncle told me this little pieve of family history.

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