As busy as a bee

Wow. Phew. I have quite some busy weeks behind me! So I can finally say to you, my loyal blog follower: 'Honey, I'm home!'
Do you know that feeling of flow, an amazing buzzy feeling that floats through your body? I am experiencing that right now. I am excited, new ideas keep popping into my mind and I have wonderful plans for 2014, about which I will share with you soon in another blogpost.  
I've really grown as an artist and entrepreneur in the past year. Last year in November, I launched my online drawing course JustDrawIt for the very first time, and a lot has happened in the meantime! Here's just a few highlights.

For the first time ever, I did a live broadcasted video chat. For the participants of Draw It Like It's Hot, Salli (one of the founders of They Draw And Cook) and I answered all of their questions in our chat. She was in Ohio and I was in Amsterdam (you gotta love the internet!) I was kind of nervous and of course, inspite of our elaborate tests on beforehand, we encountered some technical problems on the 'moment suprême'. However, Salli and I watched the recorded video afterwards, and patted each other on the backs virtually about how we did a pretty good job, being newbies on Google Hangout.

It's just amazing to me that by sharing my work and doing the things that I truly love doing, I am meeting so much inspiring people. Like Nate and Salli, who are the best, and who are so supportive and enthusiastic. But also each participant of my online classes truly inspires me back. Connecting through the internet makes the world so small and I love it.
I mean, I just sent out a birthday gift to one of my online friends, posted about 20 postcards to sent out to a few of my online contacts who live all over the world, and the cherry on top: Last weekend I  had coffee and then dinner with Danny Gregory here in Amsterdam. You may know him from his inspiring books, like 'The Creative Licence'. It's not that I want to be name dropping, I just want to emphasize that about a year ago, I wouldn't even have thought of the possibility. We eyeballed eachother's sketchbooks we brought, chatted about drawing, teaching, learning, traveling, music and a whole bunch of other  stuff and some more drawing. We sketched a bit as well, and laughed about the fact how hard it suddenly is to draw something, if it's on the page of someone else's journal. I was afraid to mess up!

peeking in each other's sketchbooks, and our sketch results

Enough about me. Let's talk about YOU.
Conveniently, today it's Thanksgiving in the US, which is a great opportunity to say:
Thank you so much for your support, for following me and for encouraging me by doing that! It really means a lot. You are awesome.

To show you my appreciation for you being there, I can send you a personal note by snail mail, if you'd like that. Simply drop me an email and leave your home address if you'd like to recieve a card from 'Amsterdang'.
My email address is draw[at]koosjekoene[dot]nl