Inspiration Station - Amanda macFarlane


I've been following Amanda MacFarlane's 'The Animated Life' online for a while now. Her illustrations and character design are done in a very consistent style. It's great to see how she finds her inspiration: She draws her kids for instance, or even the dreams they had that night. She also finds the best characters by simply looking around her when shopping at Walmart. Her illustrations make me laugh, and I hope this will put a smile to your face as well!

You can find and follow Amanda here:

This is all so playful! Can you imagine designing characters like Amanda does? Well... there is a way to learn this! Next week, the Online Workshop on designing a Character will start, and in the workshop I am guiding through the process of developing a character from sketch to final design. You character will even end up in an ebook that I will create; a short story with the characters of all participants starring in it! For $99 you can join. Find out more by following this link