A Journey

Last weekend, Me and my husband went to see family in Switzerland. I enjoyed 'switching off' for a bit, while traveling for this quick visit: Watching people in the airport, chatting with my husband, reading a bit. The flight was very enjoyable, especially when I took out my drawing journal, pen and watercolours. I started the drawing by setting up some pencil guide lines after take off, then using pens for the line drawing. The flight took about 1 hour and 20 minutes and I added the last few watercolour strokes just before landing.
I love traveling, and documenting it as well! Another journey is taking place at the moment as well. As I told you before, I am currently working an a very exciting project. It's growing, and things are starting to take shape now. We will have a team of wonderful people by the time we launch this project, and with each step we take, we are making huge leaps. It is SO exciting!

So if you want to know about this amazing project that's starting March 2014 - fill out the form below so I can keep you in the loop!

 Before and after colouring pics of the drawing above:

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