Proud teacher

About a year ago, I launched my online drawing course JustDrawIt! for the very first time. The course is currently running for the 6th time, as we speak. Every semester, I enjoy the growth and development of each participant so much.

Really, have a look at these awesome results! These are just a few examples of exercise pages, done by Ann, Annette, Anoeska, Bonnie, Kristin and David. I am a proud teacher.

In the meantime...
The 2nd run of the online workshop on Character Design is halfway through already, and it's great to see the doodles, sketches and ideas that are already created in the class too. 

Last Monday, a new group of participants started in the 2nd run of Draw It Like It's Hot and I can't wait to see what they will be cooking up!

People are already signing up for my Awesome Art Journaling Class that I will run for the first time in January too. It's so wonderful to see how people get excited and motivated!

They motivate me to keep learning myself, so I can teach even more!
Here's a drawing I did in my journal this week, using coloured pencils:

I took photos during the process with my phone. Not great pics, but it's fun to see the progress.

"I'm still learning"

If you're interested in my classes, have a look on my website:

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