Wow what a whirl wind this week has been!

After the opening of registration for Sketchbook Skool last Friday, Danny and I were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reactions on our Sketchbook Skool. The number of people signing up is beyond our expectations.

Of course, we also got a lot of questions. Because, yeah we did think of a lot of answers to put on our website, but overlooked some too.
On the website, you'll find more answers now and also, Danny made an entertaining video answering some frequently asked questions about Sketchbook Skool.

Now, as I also still offer my own classes (yes, these ones are written 'c', very Oldskool) you might be wondering if there's any overlap. In time or in the material that's covered in the lessons.
The online drawing course 'Just Draw It' starts March 17, and that means it has an overlap of 2 weeks with the klasses of Sketchbook Skool, which starts April 4. However, You can combine the two perfectly.
This link takes you to all information about 'Just Draw It' on this blog.

I don't want this post to become an advertisement or a sales page, but I am just SO excited about teaching online and about our concept for Sketchbook Skool touching so many people on so many levels! I even received a few emails from people who said they got tears in their eyes by watching the video! I think that is just such a beautiful compliment. Hence the party hat in the self portrait here.

Well, here's a bunch of burning questions about Sketchbook Skool and our answers and then I'll shut up about it for a while:
Q: "Do I need to log in to the lessons at a certain time of day?"
A: Sketchbook skool is designed for a global community and all timezones. All klasses will be posted on Friday and available all week and then till the end of the semester. And then for two additional weeks.
You will have plenty of time to watch the videos and do the assignment. If you miss an assignment you can do it at your own pace.  
Q: "Is the content not downloadable?"
A: No. We encourage people to think of this not just as content but as an experience with many other people.We hope that is okay with you and that we will see you in our community of artists in April as well. 
Q: "I can't get over the 'k' in Sketchbook Skool. Why do you guys spell it that way?"
A: Believe it or not, but it has a simple, practical reason: Someone else has the URL
But also: 'brand wise' we thought it would be, uhm... kool. We want to communicate an identity that’s a little nutty, a little unexpected, and a little friendly.
And: you’ll remember us, even if we annoy you a tiny bit.
Plus: why not? This is a fun venture, built by friends for friends. 
Q: "When can I start and what if I can't make it into klass during one of the weeks?"
A:The very first klass will begin on April 4th. You’ll get a reminder email and then you’ll have all week to look at the videos and work on the assignment. The following Friday the next klass will be posted and soon. You can work at your own time and pace. 
Q: "I can't watch the video, what's up with that?"
A: Maybe you can try a different internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome. 
Q: "When I go to your website, a blank page turns up"
A: That's a very annoying issue and we can't really help it. If you update your browser, you should be able to visit the website without any trouble. If your anti-virus is super strong, you might encounter some problems.  
Q: "I'm not tech savvy. Will it be possible for me to attend klasses?"
A: All you need to do is log in, watch the videos, follow the instructions and have fun. You can do it at your own pace. And if you have any technical problems, we have people standing by.  
Q: "Is there a list of materials we need to buy before klass begins?"
A: No klas pre-requisits. Danny will kick off the first semester and talk about how to pick the right sketchbook and pen in the first klass. For now, the only materials you need are a computer, a pair of eyeballs and a passion for art! 
Q: "How much time do I need for Sketchbook Skool klasses?"
A: We estimate an hour maximum to watch the klass videos. Then an hour or so to do the assignment. Longer or shorter if you choose.  
Q: "I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to share my scribbles, doodles and ournal entries in klass"
A: You don't have to upload your work if you don't want. It's just a way of getting feedback and support. Being part of the community is a fun way to improve and you may be surprised to find how many people appreciate and support your efforts. Your choice. 
Q: "I'm an absolute beginner. Will klasses be too difficult for me?"
A: Sketchbook Skool is designed for people at all levels.

Please visit, our exhaustive website that will answer all these questions and more.

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