Today we are reveiling what that awesome Mysterious Project is all about, that Danny Gregory and I have been working on.

So what is it?
Well, SketchbookSkool is a place for inspiration, entertainment and education. A place where it's all about creating, the fun doing so, and about making art a part of your life.

Every quarter of the year, Sketchbookskool offers 6-week semesters. Each week is taught by a different teacher. We're talking Rawk Star teachers: you'll be hanging out with some of the world's greatest sketchbook artists. They will tell you their stories, teach you through videos, show you their processes, ask you questions, start discussions, give you assignments and give you tips and advice.

The first Semester starts April 4 and has the perfectly matching theme 'Beginnings'. You'll be taught by Jane LaFazio, Prashant Miranda, Roz Stendahl, Tommy Kane, Danny Gregory and me.
On the brand new website, you can find all information you need, watch the video up there, and of course click the enroll button to get yourself a spot in klass!

A little bit of background, and this Semester's theme: Beginnings
It all started at the end of September last year. A few people pointed out to me that Danny posted on his blog about an upcoming visit to Amsterdam. He said he was hoping to be meeting Dutch sketchbookers there, maybe get a little insight in the drawing scene, or find locals who like to draw.
Because I have been hosting Sketchcrawls in Amsterdam and I do know quite a few people who like to draw, I reached out to Danny and told him that I would love to meet him, and show him around in my city during his stay there. In his reply he said that several people pointed into my direction, and we both were excited to be meeting each other the next month.

www.sketchbookskool.comI'm a true Amsterdammer, I've lived in this city all my life and could think of dozens of places we could go to, but we decided to simply meet up for a coffee so we could chat. Danny wanted to pick my brain about teaching online, and I wanted to ask about his books and how his 'new life' treats him, now that he quit his job after an impressive career in the advertising world.
We had coffee, talked, went through each other's stacks of sketchbooks, talked a lot and when it went dark outside we went for dinner and talked more.
After dinner we said goodbye and next time we'd meet would probably be on my next trip to New York City in the near future.
The next morning I sent Danny an email because I wanted to share an idea. It wasn't a new idea, I had been walking around with it for quite some time:
Since I started teaching online, I wanted to do something with guest teachers. I wasn't sure if it should be a single class in one of my courses, or a complete workshop with several teachers, maybe an online summit, a book, or even a live event... It never really took shape, and I put it on my 'Some Day' projects list.
I asked him if he would have any ideas or thoughts about this. We both have friends in the drawing scene and maybe if we would join forces, we could work something out?
The email he sent me back, was fabulous. He was excited and bubbling with ideas, so we set up a Skype meeting and our Big Brainstorm was ON! Danny is a fast thinker and even before we really knew what we were going to do, he registered From there on, our ideas grew and we worked every single day to get those ideas into place and make them reality.

To me, this feels like a dream that came true. A dream I never realized I dreamt.
Let's begin!
Go to to save yourself a seat in the first Semester!