First days of Sketchbookskool

Amazing. Seriously. So we had this idea and started it as a fun side side project, Danny and I being creative partners. Both very enthusiastic and so happy to work on something we truly believe in and really want to make it work.
Within just a few weeks time, we were in it so deep, we became official business partners and the side project had become... well, a Job. Not that we complained. We wanted this, so working to build the skool was what we did.

After tying everything together, getting all things in the right place, and making sure we were good to go, we were so happy to finally reveil our plan. Knowing we would be bumping our heads many times (just not sure on what) we pushed the button (gulp) and launched!
The enthusiasm of people who are signing up already, is overwhelming. This is a confirmation for us, that our concept for sketchbookskool fills a need that's out there.
We received a lot of questions. The answers are added to our FAQ page now on Also, Danny sat down in his garden in LA to answer a few questions and tell you some more about the semesters and about how it all works. It's a very fun video to watch. You can watch it here:

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