Food. I love it. Eating it. Cooking it. Sharing it. Dinner parties are the parties I enjoy most. In my drawing journal, I often draw food. Recipes too.

On a regular basis, I submit a recipe to They Draw And Cook, and that gave me the idea to develop a workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes, in which there's also a star appearance of Salli Swindell. She founded TheyDrawAndCook, together with her brother a few years ago, not knowing what a huge succes it would become.

Teaching the workshop is superfun. Here is a few of many results from participants. I am a proud teacher!

Seafood Sauce by jill

Pasta alla carbonara by Cathy

Food Factory by Dimitri

Pickles by nancy

A festive sorbet by June

Do you know the ongoing project 'what I wore today', from Gemma Correll? Always a great subject if you don't know what to draw today! Well, 'what I ate today', is just as good, maybe even better (for me as a foodie at least).
Here's a journal entry from a while ago - and a healthy, and super tasty salad recipe, that I can recommend!

ps. A not-so-random fact about me: I have worked as a chef in a breakfast and lunch restaurant for several years. That may explain part of all the 'foodism' I share. I hope you don't mind. Please tell me if I get too obsessive!

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