Inspiration Station - Oliver Towne


Today's Inspiration Station is visited by Oliver Towne, which is the alternate body of work by Michael Mullan. He chose to work under two different names, because of his use of different styles. This is how he explained it to me: 
"I chose to create a new name to separate my opposing styles. I felt like one style was fun and juvenile and the other was more emotional/surreal. I felt like I couldn't keep the two under one name without confusing potential customers."
That's pretty smart and makes a lot of sense when you think about marketing and branding.
 I recently stumbled upon his work online, and I really like his style, choice of colour palette, and both his loose sketches/drawings and screen-print-style-illustrations. He's really good with hand lettered typography too. And yeah, someone who quotes 'this guy' (see illustration below), must have a great sense of humour!



Find more (an endless source!) of his work here: