Journal Page: Jane

Yesterday, I met Jane Lafazio. Through Skype, that is. She was starting her day over in San Diego, as I was wrapping things up in my home office, getting ready for the weekend.

Jane is a delightful person, and we had a great chat, laughed a lot and discovered that we have quite some things in common. Apart from both being fanatic sketchbookers, art journalers, travel lovers and artists, we had similar weddings (mine in Vegas, hers at Lake Tahoe), which we had a good laugh about.

I am looking forward working with her in The Big Mysterious project that she will be joining in. So happy to have her in our 'crew' of wonderful artists!
Have you, by any chance, read Danny Gregory's latest Blogpost? He shares some fantastic images which show how much fun he and Tommy Kane had, working together at material for The Project.

Oh my, I am so excited about what we're building here. I am currently working on our logo and website design, because we want to share all this with everyone as soon as we can.

In the meantime, here's a sketch I made, of Jane and her large, red headphones on the other side of the Skype-line. 

Check out her blog and website here: and

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