Progress. A lot of it.

Argh! I Am so excited I can't even sleep properly anymore. Or I might be on LA time. Or New York.  With all the video call meetings Danny and I did I get confused. NewLAmsterdam time zone more likely, if that would exist. 

My mind just keeps going! Danny and I have been working on our project frantically and are still going strong. Things are really starting to take shape. It's amazing how easy it is to connect every time through FaceTime or Skype and brainstorm about ideas, solve problems, overcome obstacles and make decisions together. You'd almost forget there's a 10 hour flight between us.
Danny is brilliant with words and he keeps coming up with these great texts and scripts, it's amazing. I am putting together the graphics that we and the rest of the team are going to use for classes and everything around it. If I may say so myself, it 's starting to look great.

Our amazing team of world's greatest sketchbook artists are just as excited as we are, and we're THIS close to launching! Seriously, this is SO exciting. I'm not surprised I can't sleep. 

We're about to do something new and it's gonna rock your world.

Curious? We will keep you updated as soon as we got news for you, if you fill your name and address below


Psssst... just name dropping and reveiling a tiny bit here: 
Jane, Prachant, Tommy and Roz are working on some real good stuff from all of their corners of the world!

Stay tuned, we're nearly there and almost ready to finally share the goodness! 



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