Do you know that feeling of being distracted by all the things you try handling at the same time? 

Well here's a typical Amsterdam scene for you:
It's cold and it's after 5 o'clock, which in winter means it's dark as if it's the middle of the night. Ugh. I've been working in my home office all day so this is the first moment I step outside today. 

Fresh cold air on my cheeks and in my nose. I'm behind on my schedule, but it's important to me to have a healthy dinner, so I need to get some fresh groceries to cook tonight. I get on my bycicle and while listening to a podcast (why oh why do I always want to do multitasking, inspite of knowing I suck at it?), I do my shopping (forgetting items because the shopping list I wrote is still on the kitchen counter at home) and when I cycle back home, plastic bags dangling on my bicycle steering wheel it starts to rain. Of course. Ah well. I struggle to open the noisy chain lock I use to lock my bike onto the bicycle rack in front of my house, and once the bike is chained, and my house keys found at the bottom (or inside one of the many pockets) of my hand bag, I start taking the heavy grovery bags off the bike's steering wheel and then... bump my cold hand. 
It hurts and the knuckle swells up and turns red at once. 
Ignoring the throbbing, finally, I got all bags in one hand, put my key into the door lock and step inside. Warm and dry, greeted by the soothing sounds of my husband playing the banjo in the living room.
My knuckle feels much better and looks normal again.
Oh and yes, my left ring finger really looks like that - has a funny nail. And my thumb looks funny too. It's all part of me.

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