Happy Valentine's Day!

To be honest, I never really care for Valentine's day. I'd rather let my loved ones know how much I care about them throughout the year.

When I was a teenager, I once received a red rose in the mail on Valentine's day. A boy from high school had a crush on me, and instead of being falttered, I hated it. I actually thought he was the biggest nerd in school and I was so embarrassed (as you are by pretty much everything when you're a teenager) by the idea that he bought me that rose and went by my house to drop it into our mailbox. Years later, I came to realize how sweet this gesture was, and how much courage it must have taken for him to actually do this.
So Hurray for the courageous out there! And Yay for perfect love matches. Like chocolate and biscuits.

Who is your Valentine?

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