5 tips to make illustrated recipes

Let's draw and illustrate like there's no tomorrow! 
Or well. Actually, there sure is a tomorrow. Because that's when my online workshop 
on illustrating recipes and drawing food is starting!

1. Keep it simple when you're drawing. 
A recycled piece of cardboard, white paint and a black fineliner can get you a long way. 

2. To give your lettering that 'je ne sais quoi', 
use alphabet stamps. Play around with them to get fun results!

3. Draw your food to get a daily routine of making art.
You're eating every day anyway, right?
It also helps you to document great recipes.

4. You can totally pull it off and create a simple illustrated recipe like this too!
Choose something with few ingredients to start with an take it step by step.
 5. Submit your recipe to TheyDrawAndCook.com
You can do it!
Like these three previous participants did for example:
By Tina Johnson
By Cathy Levesque
By Kaiva Narbute
There's so much more where all this came from
Will you join my online class? 
Enroll today!

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