The online drawing course 'Just Draw It' is starting in just a few days!
I'm very excited, and curious to see the developments of the new participants.

Watching their skills grow as they do the exercises I give them, is like magic to me. I mean, I can show them how I do things, give them practical tips and advic, but the rest is up to the participant. Who, with a little bit of effort, time and energy, ends up making great progress.

Here's an example. Cora was in one of my Just Draw It classes. believe it or not, but just a few months ago, she thought she couldn't draw. At all.
But she was courageous and joined. Taking it step by step. And guess what? One of the things she discovered during the course, was that she really liked drawing hands.
Because many people find drawing hands very hard to do, I dedicate a lesson to this subject in the course.
Right after that lesson, first Cora shared this:
And this:
Pretty amazing, don't you think?
But it gets even better. She combined the new things that she learned in class: drawing hands and using colour.
And she had a goal. Cora is a shiatsu masseur, so she drew her hands at work:
The colours are very expressive, but Cora wanted to make a drawing that could be a representative illustration for her Shiatsu practice, so she tried this:
Loving the hand drawings, but wanting something else for the background, she neatly cut out the hands, and combined them with a more lush and expressive background. Which looks absolutely stunning:
But she wasn't done yet. It needed to be more clear that the drawing is about body massage. With a different perspective, this is what she came up with, using pencil:
 Then she did a version using pen:

What a wonderful creative process and such great results too!
Cora has been drawing and art journaling ever since, and you can follow Cora and her art on Instagram

'I can't draw',
'I have no talent whatsoever',
'I struggle with my drawing tools',
'I always abandon my drawing because I feel frustrated or discouraged'....
Can you relate to any of this?

Or would you love going to processes like the one above?
Grab a piece of paper and a pencil to start with, and enroll in the March class of Just Draw It for only $99 today!
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