Inspiration Station - Post It People

Some thing's gotta give... when times are busy.
My Inspiration Station on Wednesdays is one of the things that I'm gonna have to give up. For now at least. Time is precious: I have workshops to teach, classes to run, and Sketchbook Skool to manage. Plus more creative projects. 24 hours a day push me into making choices.
So on today's Inspiration Station (Last, but certainly Not Least): PostitPeople!

I found this little treasure on Instagram. A mysterious artist, who posts a portrait almost daily. they are cute and very funny, and the details in each of the drawings are fantastic, especially when you realize they are done on a post-it. I think the concept is brilliant, and so is the execution.Well, needless to say more. have a look yourself.

Find more PostItPeople Art here: