Travel Journal - 2

I just filled the last pages of the sketchbook in which these pages are. Great memories in this precious book.
The intention of our three week (!) vacation, was to totally relax and shake off any work stress of the past weeks, or well, let's be honest: months.
So, we took the boat to the beautiful Thai island Koh Chang. 
This Island has gorgeous beaches, but also a large area of jungle... if you ever watched 'Lost', some parts of Koh Chang look a bit like the island in the show, only without the creepy stuff.
We found a great place to stay and rented a little bungalow, at a 'lake'. Well, it was more of a big artificial ditch, but the place was gorgeous anyway, and very peaceful. As you can see in the drawing I made of it.

Oh and here's the 'what we ate today' page of that day.

When you take your time, to look around you, you will notice so many details! On Koh Chang in Thailand, my husband and I explored the Island by motorbike and found a beautiful place on the beach where we sat down for a banana-coffee shake (oh my gosh that is such a great combination!), surrounded by hipsters. 
I really enjoyed the chatter around me, the smell of fantastic Thai food, and the sound of the waves on the beach. I took my time to make this drawing. Some of the people in the drawing left before I finished drawing them, so I had to make up some bits. Doesn't really matter, as I was concentrating of the interior of the shaded pavilion.

Another lazy day: dozing off at the beach after a jungle hike...
As you can see, I started drawing my husband in the deck chair next to me, but then he went for a stroll along the surf to play his mouth harmonica, so I ended up drawing just part of him, and then the empty chair.

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