Amsterdam SketchCrawl

Yesterday's Sketchcrawl in Amsterdam was fabulous!

The weather was gorgeous, and a wonderful group of people gathered in the afternoon at Wesetergasfabriekterrein, in Amsterdam, where I hosted the Sketchcrawl. The Urban Sketchers Amsterdam also hosted a Sketchcrawl and started earlier, at noon. They crawled from Cenbtral Station, to the industrial Amsterdam Noord, and ended up joining our group. We all sketched together and enjoyed the weather and the time we took for our sketches.
I actually chatted more than I drew, but that was okay. It was wonderful to meet all these new people and talk with them. I had a wonderful day!
Here is a collection of photos of that day, thanks to Gwenaelle Glotin and Frans Koene.

While kids were getting a kite in the air, we all scattered around to sit down and sketch, not minding the chilly wind.
At the end of the afternoon, we sat down in the cafe on the terrain, had a few drinks and peeked into each other's sketchbooks. Inspiring and fun!

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