Draw Tip Tuesday - Drawing Negative Spaces

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

Today I'm drawing the keys to my bicycle. There's an everyday object for ya! I use them every single day. Rain or shine, in Amsterdam, we do everything by bicycle.

In Sketchbook Skool and in my Online Drawing Classes people often ask about negative spaces. What are they?
In today's video, I'll show you how I use those negative spaces to make a drawing.

The key to learn how to draw? Practice and patience. And enjoying the process. Find a bit of help, and/or an encouraging group of likeminded people.
Next week on the 28th of April, my fun online workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes will start. So, if you're interested to make some foodie-art, click here to join for only $69!

Or join my online drawing course, Just Draw It, starting May 12. It's 5 weeks full of drawing techniques, step-by-step tutorials and videos and I am there to give you feedback and improve your work during those weeks. You may be surprising yourself in class, because I will show you that you can draw better than you may think. It's just $99 for 5 lessons, that are seriously full to the rim with helpful info and tips. So what are you waiting for, you can join now by clicking here.

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