Journal Page: Dad's kitchen

Still going strong, with A Selfie A Day!
Hated the one I did on April 4 here in the left corner of the page. I had a sketch date with my dad the day after and decided to ignore the ugly face and draw half through it. I now really love the page, as I took a lot of time to draw my father's kitchen and get all those details and colours in too.

As you can see in the selfie in the bottom right corner, dinner was great.

Today is the second official World Wide Sketchcrawl of this year! I will be sketching with a group of like minded people in Amsterdam this afternoon, and looking forward to it.
You can find out more about the Sketchcrawl I am hosting in this earlier post or find a sketchcrawl group to join in your area by clicking here and type your town or city in the search bar.

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