Self Portrait Project

Suddenly, I got myself into a Project, even though I wasn't aware of it in the first place.
I finished my last art journal, and opened a new one. I chose a Moleskine Sketchbook this time, instead of the watercolor version, because I felt like I could use a bit of change. A different type of paper, and a different format than what I got used to with the last few sketchbooks would bring some nice variety.

Yikes, that first page was kind of awful.
I had to get used to the smooth paper again, and I chose to draw myself in the reflection of the open window, which wasn't easy at all... but hey, the book has a lot of new pages, so onto the next drawing! and at least I enjoyed the process, while sitting in the spring sun for the first time this year.

The next day, I took some more time and chose a familiar tool: I have been drawing with ballpoint pen a lot on this type of paper.
I sat in the kitchen, on the kitchen table in fact, and chose another challenge: my own reflection in the lamp above the table. Wow that certainly was interesting! Not just my own distorted reflection in the round lamp, but all the details I discovered.
A fun drawing, and a fun hour of drawing.

I had such busy days with the very first semester of Sketchbook Skool coming up, and a lot of ropes to tie together still... So I didn't take the time to sit down and draw something around me, like I'm used to do in my daily drawing journals. but what I did do, was snap a picture of myself and use it as a reference to draw just before going to sleep, a few days in a row.

So yeah, The Project was born. Why don't I do A Selfie A Day? I have this ongoing self portrait project, on which I work on and off, but wouldn't it be interesting to see how I draw a self portrait each day? Will they be reflecting my moods? Will I get better at drawing my own face and its features?
We'll see. I don't plan to fill this journal with self portraits only. because I want to keep journaling too. Just drawing my face won't do. And it won't be satisfying every day either. As sometimes, it just doesn't work out well. Like the one below.
Now that is just insulting towards my husband, whom I tried to draw from, admitted, a bad photo.
If I can I will do a portrait and drawing of my surroundings. we'll see how it goes!

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