The Open Draw

Yesterday, I was at The Open Draw, here in Amsterdam.
It's a wonderful international creative network of people who all have a passion for drawing. They come together every two weeks, and not only is there a bar for drinks, but there is also an art supply bar. So it's actually Sketchers Paradise!
photo by The Open Draw

I was asked to do a short speech about my work and about sketchbook keeping. It was all kind of last minute, but I brought some of my sketchbooks and talked about how I started art journaling, where I get my ideas from and what I've been up to lately.

Afterwards, people were flipping through the pages of my art journals and I talked to a lot of people, met great artists and passionate sketchers.

photo by Frans Koene
I even managed to sketch a little bit in my journal (and my daily selfie!), even though on occasions like these, I'm chatting more than I'm drawing.

The Open Draw:

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