Travel Journal - 3

Some places are just so gorgeous, No words are needed.
Are they?

This is the interior of the second cabin we rented on Koh Chang. Can you imagine? Waking up. Stretching out. Getting out of bed. Opening the door and walking right onto the beach towards the sea, to take a morning plunge. Awesome. Wonderful. Like a dream. Romantic. Almost tacky. Perfect.
The interior sketch was done in blue ballpoint pen (bic-pen), then I added watercolours.

I drew the bungalow from the beach as well:
The Cabin sketch was done with a Brown Faber-Castell water resistant fine liner, then watercolours.

And the view from the porch:
I drew the porch view, using a cheap fine liner with watersoluable ink. Then I used a waterbrush to make the ink bleed. The blue and violet shades were very pleasant surprises!

It's fantastic to not take any notice of the time. A luxury that we have on vacation. When I look at these journal pages, they remind me of the calm, the peace of mind. 
I'd love to be able to feel that same calm back in Amsterdam. Let's start with the weekends. Forget about every 'to do list' and take the time to enjoy. The surroundings, doing nothing, drawing.

Oh and guess what? We also had something a lot of yumminess to eat... We needed to keep my 'what we ate today' project going, right?

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