Travel Journal - 4

Our first day in Cambodia: a day of temple complexes, many pagodas and...a LOT of tourists! I wonder if most people actually really looked around, as they were very focused on taking pictures.

I did a sketch of the Bayon temple complex, but before I could finish and/or add colours, our guide took us to the next sight seeing spot.
At the end of a day full of temples, we sat down in the centre of Siem Reap and enjoyed the city life. I made a drawing, using a purple ballpoint, and discovered that wasn't such a great idea when I added watercolours. Also, I didn't really think much ahead, when I started drawing, because I ran out of space to draw the rest of the building, where it meets the pavement. Ah well, it was fun to draw anyway:

And the 'What We Ate Today' project pages for 15 and 16 feb:

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