Travel Journal - 6

Not each journal entry can be perfect. And it doesn't have to be. I don't like this drawing very much. But still, it reminds me of the wonderful guesthouse. I can hear the sounds in the hallway again, and feel the smooth tiles on my bare feet again. That's what art journaling is for. Documenting fantastic memories.

And yes, in case you're wondering: I really DID eat intestines with red ants.
Guess what? Red ants taste a little bit like lemon!

I don't eat sugar, but in Asia, palm sugar and condensed milk are used for many things. In Cambodia at the guesthouse, they served boiled Taro with condensed milk for breakfast.

Have you ever seen Prashant Miranda's night sketches? (he's one of the teachers in Sketchbook Skool this semester!)
I thought it would be interesting to do night sketches too, then kind of forgot about it. But in Cambodia, I wanted to try my hand at night sketching, which in fact isn't much different from sketching during day time actually. it did feel a little festive, as it was my very first night sketch ever, and I was surrounded by colourful lights and busy sounds of a night market behind me. 

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