Travel sketch pages

Okay so these are not from my actual art journal, but they are done during my vacation in Thailand and Cambodia.
I like my art journals to be not too small, so I have a bit of space, but certainly not too large eiter. I need to be able to chuck my journal into my bag and walk around with it, without it being to large or heavy. So 15x21 cm, something along those lines, will be suitable. To challenge myself though, I also brought a larger sized sketchbook with me. To see how I would feel about larger sized drawings. These are pages I did in a 21x30 cm sketchbook. Not THAT large, but a fair step larger than what I'm used to.
This is the first page i did, and after finishing, I felt rather proud:

Then, on a different day, i sat down with the book again and started drawing without thinking too much, ending up with very small sketches! Huh, interesting. 

Interesting how much chaos can be created in just a couple of days. As my husband was packing his bags (mine were done, I brought less than he did), I drew a quick sketch of my view from the bed.

I also tried a bit more detailed pencil drawing:

During a lazy afternoon in a cafe, I made these drawings. Which I like a lot. By looking at these, I can remember exactly where I was sitting, how the people moved that I was drawing, the colours, the atmosphere, and even what I drank: An iced coffee.

And one more bed-view sketch, this time in another room. The night before leaving to fly back home.

Since that last drawing, I haven't touched the sketchbook. Okay, first of all because I've been very busy and hardly had time for my daily art journal entries. But also, could it be that the book is too large? It does take me a little bit out of my comfort zone. Which makes me not really want to grab it yet, when I want to draw. But maybe, now that the weather in Amsterdam is getting better, I may take it outside to try some urban sketching and make sure I won't come back with just a couple of thumbnail sketches of the coffee I drank.

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