Film Themed Selfies in my journal

In my previous posts, I've talked about my ongoing self portrait project, and how I stumbled into an extra challenge of doing Film Themed Selfies.
So far, I've been pretty devoted doing these. I am doing a self portrait each day, and if I feel like it, I'll give it a whirl and draw myself as a film character.
Below, you'll hopefully recognize Sandy from Grease, and a scene from Spiderman too...

Some days are better than others. Didn't really like the muddy result of the 'Pride and Prejudice' Selfie, and the whole sketchbook spread is kind of bland. But on Facebook, I posted that quick selfie on the bottom left, and someone said: is that Nurse Ratched? Which gave me an idea for the next journal entry!

So there she is. And on Facebook, someone else suggested I could do a 'Rocky' selfie. So I did. I made that one after a super intensive thai boxing training, so yeah, I could really bring that feeling of triumph onto the paper.

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