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A Selfie A day, yup, I'm still doing it! Now that I've taken an extra challenge in there: the film theme, I'm not sure if my self portraits are getting any better.
Doing one each day results in pushing myself, and some days I take too little time for them. Just because I haven't come round to it that day yet, and squeeze one in just before going to bed. Like the 'my precious' drawing. Really awful because I was impatient, and then tried to fix it by a lot of hatching. Ah well. On to the next page!
 I do love the sketchbookspread above. I think the 'Carrie' selfie is bloody striking, and the peppers and tomatoes shine! I tried out using colour pencils in a different way: thick layered hatching strokes, while pressing my pencil down onto the paper. Usually I use super soft strokes to create a layered realistic drawing. But this technique works really well with the black fineliner and with the smooth moleskine sketchpaper.
Dreadful, yes dreadful. At least I made a fun coffee drawing with my new fountain pen on the page next to it.

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