A Selfie A Day

Almost there.
When I started the sketchbook I'm currently working in, without really thinking about it, I filled the first few pages with self portraits. That's when I unintentionally started a new project. Because when I flipped through those first few pages, they gave me an idea: I committed myself to make a self portrait each day in this sketchbook. I would still be using the book as an artjournal, so was still 'allowed' tp make all kinds of other sketches and drawings in it, but it would also become my 'selfie a day' journal.

There's just a few pages to go in my current sketchbook, and I will sure keep the habit of doing self portraits, but I have to admit I'll be kind of relieved, to not be committed to do one each day anymore when I start a new sketchbook.

Here's an update of some of the portraits I hadn't shared yet before.

Some are really to be proud of, some are rushed or uninspired. Some don't look like me at all, and others are fun experiments with new techniques or styles.

In the upcoming kourse of Sketchbook Skool, themed 'Seeing', I talk about how we see ourselves and about drawing self portraits.
There's an awesome line-up of teachers in this kourse:
Danny Gregory will show you how your eyes and brain can collaborate better when we draw.
Cathy Johnson will change how you see nature. 
Brenda Swenson shows you how to see your own life through your sketchbook's pages. 
Liz Steel will forever change how you see building and teacups. 
And Andrea Joseph will help you see more in-depth than you ever thought possible.
You can sign up for 'Seeing' right now by clicking here!

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