At the moment, my online drawing course 'Just Draw It' is running with another lovely group of participants. In their introduction, some of them said they would love to get out on a sketchcrawl or do some urban sketching, but they're a bit intimidated by the idea of drawing in public.
So after a few weeks of drawing exercises and expanding their skills, I declared June 7 the Just-Draw-It-sketchcrawl-day. 
I invited all participants, whichever part of the world they are in, to join me and head out to draw!
Then afterwards, we would all share the results. Fun! These are my drawings of the day.

I visited my friend Yvonne. In March, she gave birth to her second son, and I hadn't even seen him yet! A beautiful baby boy. After a lot of catching up and chatting, we took out our sketchbooks and sat down in her garden (yup, sure, that also counts as urban sketching! why not?) and sketched. It was warm and sunny and it felt like summer. There was a certain quietness and zen feeling in the garden and we both really enjoyed filling our pages. 
Of course I did my daily selfie too. 

Back in Amsterdam, I sat on the terrace of a restaurant near by my house, to have a drink and dinner with my husband. Summer in Amsterdam feels like holiday - even in my own neighbourhood!

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