Friday, July 25, 2014

A Sketchbook Exchange Project

A bunch of people who participated in my Awesome Art Journaling Class, started a Sketchbook exchange project. They made a list of people who participate, we all bought a small journal, filled a page and sent it to the next person on the list. When receiving someone's sketchbook, we fill a page and send it, and again and so on. This is one of the pages I filled - in the traveling sketchbook which will end up back at the owner who lives in Italy, and I know she's a coffee lover, like I am. Pretty obvious what to do with a page in her journal then:

This is another one I did for this project:

It will take while before I receive my filled sketchbook, but I am very curious and excited that it will be filled with art from all over the world!

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  1. I did a similar thing years ago, called Moly_X. I was in group 58, having members from Moscow, Canada, US, Peru and the Netherlands. It was based on a japanese style Moleskine (a long harmonica sheet of paper). It took about 2 years to make a round. Unfortunately some in the group lost interest, some books were never returned.


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