About art journaling and sketchbook keeping

Are you keeping a sketchbook or an art journal?
Ever wondered if there are any rules for doing that? Well, there aren't any. Unless you create them for yourself.
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Everyone finds their own way of journaling, sketchbook keeping, drawing, sketching, painting....making art.
To me, it doesn't really matter where or how - for some styles I need different kinds of paper than for others. Then again, a few years ago, I have committed myself to make a drawing daily, and I keep a 'daily drawing journal' for it. The entries differ and change in theme and subjects, which to me is interesting so I can see what was going on in my life at the time, when I look back at the pages.
But of course you can also create a journal by gathering favorite drawings that you did on separate pieces of paper, and bind those.
This has been a discussion in the previous run of my Awesome Art Journaling Class, and the only advice I can give is this: It may take some time to figure out what works best for you. And don't be surprised to see yourself change sketchbook habits either. It's an evolving thing. You may find different ways of sketchbook keeping and art journaling, different goals and purposes. It's all part of your artist's journey.
Scary to fill a sketchbook page, because it might not result in the drawing you've imagined it to be? So what if that happens? You made a drawing and you can simply go on to the next page. A whole new canvas for more creativity!
An art journal, a sketchbook, a creative journal, a sketch journal... Whatever you call it, when you start a creative habit by drawing, sketching, and journaling about your life, you're creating a wonderful way of documenting your life and keep vivid memories on your pages.
Speaking of sketchbooks...
I am so proud that the new semester of Sketchbook Skool started yesterday, and students are sketchbooking like crazy! There's a lot of energy going on in the klassrooms, and it's not too late to join! You'll be right in time for my klass, which starts on Friday.
You can join for $99, and will get 6 weeks of fun, with lessons from six diffrent sketchbook artists froim around the world.
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