WorldWide SketchCrawl this Saturday

This Saturday, July12, along with Amsterdam Urban Sketcher Dudley Svendsgaard, I will be hosting a Sketchcrawl in Amsterdam.
Are you in or around Amsterdam? Wanna join? Here's where you can find all the details and let us know you'll be joining:
We're gonna have a drawing marathon!

If you're in another part of the globe, have a look here, to find a Sketchcrawl to join near you:
(Click 'forum' at the top of the page, and then in the search field, fill in the name of your city or town.)

So this is what the program for the day will look like in Amsterdam:
Morning - for the hardcore marthon sketchers:
9:00AM we're warming up outside the Central Amsterdam Public Library
11:00AM at Hanneke's Boom, we'll hang out and have a cup of coffee (or two), and meanwhile: sketch!
12:30 Meeting Point: Nemo Science Center, at the Water wheel outside the entrance. We can scatter around and draw the harbour, the boats, people, climb on top of the Nemo Building and draw the view...
15:00 Meet back up with each other at the cafe on Nemo's roof. We can awe at each other's sketchbook pages and fuel up.
15:30 We take a bus (or you can take your bike) to The Animal Festival in Flevopark ( At this festival there's a lot of art going on: live music and drawing and painting. You can bring a blanket and a bite to eat as well. And do a picnic sketch.
18:00 We'll figure out a meeting point to share our sketches and then hit home, or for the ones who can't stop, sketch on!

What if it rains? Come anyway, we'll figure something out!

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