Monday, August 11, 2014

Drawing Bicycles

As a true Amsterdammer, I do everything by bicycle. I hardly ever take public transport to get from A to B in the city. Even when it rains, with a lot of wind, cold or even snow, I simply hop on my bike that's parked across the street. And yes, everywhere in Amsterdam, you see bicycles. They're parked everywhere. There are Bicycle racks for them, but there are just way many more bikes than there's space in the racks. If I 'have nothing to draw', there's always bicycles around to draw. A wonderful challenge, every time. 
Draw tip: don't draw the bicycle. Say what? Yes, that's right - don't think about the bicycle, its wheels, construction and frame. Look at the negative spaces that you see - it really helps to get the shapes in that way.

I am quite attached to my old hand-me-down bicycle, but it's almost falling apart and it needs replacement. But not before I portrayed it! (again: by drawing the negative spaces!)


  1. I wonder if bikes are status symbols over there, as cars often are here.

    1. Hi Pilgrim,
      Nah, not really. There IS a trend going on with fancy sporty bicycles with bright colors, and also the 'fixies' (no brakes!), but mostly the bicycle is a vehicle that brings you from A to B in the city. Doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it has 2 wheels. You see a lot of rattling and rusty bicycles here, since they aren't attractive to be stolen.


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