How to make progress, not excuses

Do you ever make up excuses?
Sure you do. And that's fine. We all do. The traffic has been crazy, the weather conditions awful, the dog ate our homework...
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What about Making Art? Yes, I use capitals for the two words, just to make it worse. There is this invisible threshold to start, even though you know how good it makes you feel, when you're creating something. And it's not even about the result, just the process of Making Art itself is satisfying enough.
Yes, we have busy lives. And yes, some days can be super hectic. But really, is it an excuse to not do what you love?
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Easier said than done, huh? Because maybe you feel like your art isn't as awesome as it should be. You try drawing things that you see and then the drawing turns out to be all wonky, the perspective is off, or you're bored with drawing the same stuff over and over again, because you only draw inside your home. Because heading outside to draw feels way too intimidating and scary. Or you'd like to be able to draw people, but mess up their faces and hands every time you try.
Sounds familiar?
Schermafbeelding 2014-09-11 om 09.53.07
In fitness, there's this saying: "Excuses don't burn calories". The 'Just Do It' approach is straight forward, and makes you move forward. Because after all, even if you fall flat on your face, you're still moving forward!
So let's go and make awesome art!
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