Draw Tip Tuesday - A simple recipe

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!
In my online workshop on drawing food and illustrating recipes 'Draw It Like It's Hot', the participants are having great fun making food doodles ('foodles'), and creating their illustrated recipes using composition tricks, colours, pretty lettering and combining materials. Some of them are great cooks and there are even professional chefs in the group, but most of them will agree with me that you don't need to be a chef to illustrate a recipe.
Neither do you need to be Van Gogh to Make Awesome Art. Be creative and keep it simple, and that will get you a long way.

It's not too late to enroll in my workshop 'Awesome Art Journaling.' 4-weeks long, together we'll be filling our art journal pages, and I will help you with fun tips and tricks, drawing prompts, exercises and assignments. You'll get a mix of videos and tutorials, images and step-by-step instructions to delve from and get a nudge, to make drawing a creative habit in your busy life.

Join me! It's only $69 and we started just yesterday, so you can jump right in. Click here to join.

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