It's small things that make life worth drawing

I really believe in those small moments, a dash of colour, a wonderful taste, a smell or piece of music... These are all things that make life worth drawing. 
 Of course, drawing the things around you takes a little bit of practice. But that's the beauty of it: while you practice, you're living the moment even more. 
And if you need a little help on learning techniques: well, just take a course. 

What a coincidence: I am teaching one!

"Just Draw It!" is an online drawing course in which you learn various drawing techniques that will push your skills to the next level. For only $99 you will have access to the course website: I am there for you during 5 weeks, with videos, step-by-step instructions and tutorials, and personal feedback on everything you post on the course website. In a small group of classmates from all over the world, you will see your own work improve, as well as theirs, and learn from each other too. 

We are starting TOMORROW, so click this link to enroll today!

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