How To Find Subjects to Draw

In my online classes, I sometimes get the question: "how do you find subjects to draw?" Or "How do you get ideas for daily drawings?". Or people say "how do I make my art journal pages look interesting?" or "I don't have much time on my hands, so how do I make interesting entries in my art journal?"
Often, simply looking at what's already right in front of your face is all you need to find something to draw. There's always something lying around. Wether it's your breakfast, art supplies, a stack of books, a piece of fruit, your pet or even your partner. To just name a few of the endless possibilities.
You could take over an hour drawing it, layering your pencil colors, like I did in the drawing below.
Or make a little exercise out of it, making thumbnail drawings of the subject, using different techniques, like I did below. You can do as many thumbnails as your possibly limited time allows. For example, take 5 minutes for each drawing and fill a 15-minutes-pocket-of-drawing-time for 3 drawings!

If you like this approach and this way of finding time and subjects to draw, then I think you will definitely like my online workshop on art journaling! 
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